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Richard Osmaston

shallow focus photography of man in white shirt

Regional round up

Nothing to see here folks! Hexa-Mayoral electorate bid insights Money Free Party NZ’s Richard Osmaston has made some astonishingly profound discoveries on his South Island long/wide, banality busting sojourn of 18 meet the candidate events, from Picton to Fox Glacier, and beyond, thus far. Thankfully… Read More »Regional round up

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Mayor’s proposal

Open and lead community-wide discussion/consultation on the long-term viability of the traditional money/business/competition/jobs model. Focus resources to repair, upgrade and refurbish/replace, for free, all sub-standard housing. Prioritising the homes of the most neglected. Examine/consult on the advantages of adopting a Resource Based Economy. Prioritising human/ecological… Read More »Mayor’s proposal