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An open letter to residents of Lakes Murchison Ward

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Dear friend, neighbors, colleagues.

I’m very proud and humbled to be putting myself forward to be your representative, working for you, on our District Council. I’m running for several top of the south positions and see any result of this effort as a positive outcome. For the Ward, for the Council and for the wider region. It’s all progress.

We’re all facing multiple crises. As a parent, farmer, aero-engineering tutor, pilot, tow-truck driver, mechanic, researcher, activist, volunteer, Lions Club secretary, soccer coach, Lake Rotoiti Community Hall Committee Chair, Money Free Party NZ leader and local and central government seat challenger since 2013, I’m dedicated and committed to the wellbeing and future prosperity of all. I’m looking forward immensely to performing the normal day-to-day work on Council for you as a professional. To date all my work of this nature has been voluntary.

For this election alone I’ve attended over 30 events from Picton to Fox Glacier as a candidate for Mayoral and Councillor posts. Taking unpaid leave from my job at NMIT.

In all these diverse electorates I again observe a wide and profound range of candidates. The applicants are generally accomplished, sincere, well intentioned, hard working and experienced locally. Having worked, farmed and raised my family in St Arnaud for 18 years I too am well immersed and active in regional issues, regularly attending meetings and contributing submissions to Council activities.

There are however additional matters to be considered. My experience throughout New Zealand and internationally has led to the conclusion that we need to be urgently considering the bigger picture. We will have to up our game if we are to stand a chance of achieving anything like satisfactory outcomes. The current indicators and trends are not encouraging. Furthermore, no existing governments, representatives or official institutions seem to be acting with sufficient zeal, expedience or wisdom in this regard. I won’t list our problems here as I believe we are all well aware of them and the current dysfunction we experience from government.

I do not see this profound failure as the fault of any particular individuals, especially our current local representatives, but more as an inevitable result of an economic system that relies upon infinite growth, bureaucracy, exploitation and servitude at its core. The chickens are coming home to roost.

I’m not proposing that as your councillor or mayor I’ll be able to single handedly replace the monetary system. However, to have an alternative and energetic voice on Council might enable some new opportunities. We do need change. TDC has 14 representatives and that change can only proceed at a rate they are happy with. No significant alternative proposals in Council guarantees no significant change. Take your pick.

I believe having run for government roles 7 times since 2013 I have demonstrated my dedication to service, sustainability, wellbeing, prosperity and equality.

If elected I’ll be a full time representative and will advocate tirelessly for the region in the short and long term. My life long experience as a farmer and in airline aviation as a DC10 pilot, licenced engineer and tutor have invested in me a bigger picture, overview perspective (also the name of my bus) which is invaluable in these stressful times when so many are, not surprisingly, deeply immersed in their immediate challenges. The zoomed out view indicates many similarities and root causes to our multiple crises.

I’m well versed in local, national and international affairs and believe I can bring a fresh perspective and energy to a situation which at this time is not under control. Large airliner maintenance planning, engineering and operation has given me an appreciation of the importance of maintaining all relevant parameters, at all times. Both now and in the future. Just as in our society we have to maintain integrity, balance and equilibrium if we are to survive.

Now that we understand the symbiotic nature of our existence we have to assure all our activities align with that fact.

I have the greatest respect and appreciation for the service, guidance, mentorship and role-modelling of previous holders of these local government roles. We stand upon the shoulders of giants. However, from this elevated position, we can see a new horizon. Let’s go for it.

All the best

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