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Change, not the political slogan

Finding the tools necessary for adapting to an ever changing environment,
with the belief that our best is yet to come.

No more money

Replaced by an incentive that is far more positive in its endeavors.

Problem solving

Using the latest in technology, capability, and resources. Without the desire of profit.

Resource management

The goal of finding equilibrium within our environment.

Do we have options today?

YES! Imagine a society with a goal of becoming technically viable, scientifically driven, and with an environmentally neutral impact. An economic system that can scale sustainably providing the necessities of life for a growing populous.

What if we didn’t use money at all?

Not only does money lie at the root of all our problems, it now also prevents us from making any real progress. All our problems stem from an infinite growth model within a finite system.

Earth with clouds above the African continent
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

We are driven by more than profit

99.99% of the population of the Earth has survived without money, why can’t we? Many civilizations that have failed in our past, could this be the reason?

“Instructor, pilot, engineer, mechanic, sailor, mountaineer and farmer.”


“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”


“Developer, tech lead, front end, artist, :man:”


person holding babys hand

Let’s work together

Change can only happen when we do,
and its the only thing that ever had a positive outcome.